Yes, You Can Wash Outside Windows without Leaving Streaks

Published: 25th August 2011
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Anyone who’s ever washed the outside of a window knows that getting a crystal clear, streak-free finish is really difficult! Well, it actually is possible to wash windows without leaving streaks. It doesn’t take any fancy equipment, chemicals or special know-how. Bay windows, replacement windows, or any kind really, can be cleaned beautifully with no more effort than it takes to get the typical cloudy, streaky results.

Assemble Your Window Washing Equipment

You’ll need the following items:
• A bucket of water with a drop or two only of dish soap added
• A soft brush for screens that won’t bend or rip the mesh
• Your garden hose
• Rags
• A broom
• Soft, lint-free cloth, newspaper or squeegee
• A dry day with no wind and no sun directly on the window you’re cleaning

Screens then Glass

Removing screens is your first priority. Using a gentle setting on your garden hose, rinse the screen you’re working on and gently clean with a soft brush that has been dipped into your bucket of cleaning water. Then, simply rinse and give the frame a quick wipe with a clean cloth. Rest it against a tree or something while you clean the windows.

Don’t start cleaning the glass until all of your screens are off on that portion of the house. If necessary, make a mark on the frame to indicate which window it belongs on.

Moving on to the glass, use a dry broom to sweep away any dirt, webs and bugs from the surface and frame. Next, wash your windows with clean soap water, rinse off with a spray of the hose then squeegee. You can use a lint-free cloth or newspaper but for the outside, a squeegee is the fastest and easiest method of getting a window without streaks.

Squeegee Tips

To really get a professional finish to your windows, run a wet squeegee across the top of the window first. Wipe off the blade then start your vertical strokes from the bottom of the dry part that you just ran your squeegee across. Be sure to do each pull in one swoop, from top to bottom. Then, just wipe any leftover water from the corner with a dry cloth.

When done, put the screens back up, admire your work then head indoors to tackle the inside of your windows.

Windows in Bad Shape?

Check your windows as you clean. Are the frames rotted or the glass cracked? Consider money-saving replacement windows. Toronto residents can find out more by calling 647-997-4350 today.

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